Marilla Springs Trail - Marilla Bridge Trail Review

Posted on June 25 2018

Marilla Springs Trail - Marilla Bridge Trail Review

By Kelly Daniels

Trail Name: Marilla Springs Trail-Marilla Bridge Trail

Location: Marilla Reservoir

Difficulty Level: 3

Length: is a 1 miles loop around the reservoir

Trail Access: Parking can be found off Route 346 at the reservoir in Bradford

Trail surfaces: crushed limestone

Trail activities: walking, running, biking

Description: Gorgeous natural scenery around the lake were there is always people walking, fishing and kayaking. On this trail you will go over three (3) wooden bridges that give you an exceptional view of the water. The Marilla Bridge Trail is an easy, flat hike without a change in your elevation.

If you are looking for a more aggressive hike, you can venture off the Marilla Bridge Trail to White Pines and/or the Hidden Valley Trail. This trek is approximately 3.6 miles and will loop you back to the trail head. This hike is rougher terrain and changes drastically in elevation. The only trouble I experienced is that in parts there is not real good drainage, so the trail is slippery when it has rained.


Overall Rating: (1-5 stars)       4⭐

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