Some Fun Facts for Pennsylvania Bear Season

Posted on November 13 2018

Some Fun Facts for Pennsylvania Bear Season

  • There are an estimated 20,000 black bear in Pennsylvania. The Game commission projects that the number of hunters buying bear licenses this year is on pace to reach 170,000-175,000.

  • Poor weather conditions last year gave hunters a challenging start to the season, resulting in one of the worst first days on record. But the season turned around in subsequent days and hunters managed a bear harvest of 3,438, the ninth best tally in Pennsylvania. The existing record was set at 4,350 bears killed in the 2011 hunting seasons

  • Last year, the harvest included 2 bears that weighed more than 700 pounds each, and since 1986 there have been 32 bears of more than 700 pounds brought to commission bear-check stations.

  • In addition to those extraordinarily heavy bears, Pennsylvania has produced the second most trophy black-bear entries in Boone & Crockett Club records, which are based on skull size. According to the commission, 22 black bears taken in Pennsylvania were entered into the club's records last year.
  • Bears were taken in 57 of the state's 67 counties last year. The top 3 counties last year were Lycoming with 252 bears, Tioga with 214, and Pike with 193.

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