Mack's Lure 65211 Smile Blades – Gold Mirror/Black Scale

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When you think you’re trolling slow, slow down some more and you will catch fish. Smile Blades provide life-like action even at 1/4 mph. They are easily tuned. Use a wide blade angle for a slow rolling wobble or narrow blade angle for a vigorous shake and spin. When the temperature drops and the fish get sluggish, Smile Blades are the tournament proven lure. Whether rigged Carolina-style as a finesse bait, or on a bottom bouncer as part of a live bait presentation, they’ll catch fish under the toughest conditions! Ultra light weight in line mylar spinner blade Will spin at less than 1/4mph Blade is bent “off-set” so when it rotates it moves whatever is behind it in a “crankbait”, back and forth type motion movement Doesn’t have to spin to create attraction There really is no wrong way to use the Smile Blade

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