Cro-Mag Outdoors The Deception Chamber 3-In-1 Interchangeable Friction Turkey Call



Product Details

The Deception Chamber The Deception Chamber is a 3 in 1 Interchangeable Friction Turkey Call that offers hunters the ability to switch calls on demand. Simply unscrew the lid, remove the current surface, replace it with the desired insert, and thread the lid back into place. A 4-Step Easy Assembly allows for seamless transitions between friction inserts. The result is one product that replaces the multiple calls you currently carry in your vest. Designed by turkey hunters for turkey hunters who value products unmatched in functionality and versatility. As the epitome of adaptation, hunters need tools that meet their demands. Don’t be a pack mule and carry around that bulky, call heavy turkey vest. Your primal instinct is telling you to stay aware and be ready for anything, listen to it. Hunting strategies have evolved through the centuries, why shouldn’t your call? Become a Master of Deception. Product Includes: 1 Pot & Lid 1 Insert Holder 1 Purple Heart Striker 3 Frictions Inserts Slate Glass Aluminum

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