EZE-LAP 22F 1 by 3 Fine Diamond Stone on a Walnut Pedestal

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Conveniently-Sized Fine Grit Stone Is Housed In A Solid Walnut Block. Millions Of Industrial Diamonds Provide Fast And Efficient Honing Action. This Stone Can Be Used Dry, Or With Water Or Oil Lubricants. Made In The U.S.A. Conveniently-sized fine grit stone is housed in a solid walnut block Millions of industrial diamonds provide fast and efficient honing action This stone can be used dry, or with water or oil lubricants Fine diamond grit; 600 grit; our best general purpose grit 1-Inch by 3-Inch stone mounted on a walnut pedestal Longest lasting and most durable sharpening tools available Quick easy way to sharpen both cutlery and tools, the "professionals" choice

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