G.Loomis E6XT 6'8" MH Jig & Worm Casting Rod 803CJWR (12170-01)

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The G. Loomis E6X 803C JWR Jig & Worm Casting Rod is probably one of our best all-around bass rods, this 3-power beauty is extremely versatile. While it's designed for casting jigs and worms, but if you're looking for just one rod to do a lot of different things, you can fish a spinnerbait or topwater with it as well. At 6'8" it's a great rod for fishing in close quarters. It has an extra-fast taper that provides excellent line and lure control, making it very accurate. E6X makes it surprisingly powerful for a rod so light and you'll really appreciate the sensitivity. Length: 6' 8" | Line: 12 - 16 | Lure: 3/16 - 5/8 | Power: Med-Heavy | Action: Ex-Fast | Handle: Split | MPN: 12170-01

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