G.Loomis Muskie Baitcasting Rod (8' Heavy / Fast) - MUR964

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G. Loomis Muskie Fishing Rod MUR964 is an excellent choice for smaller, lighter bucktails like the Blue Fox Muskie Buck and small to medium-sized swimbaits. It works great for jigs like the little Hustler with plenty of sensitivity. Its designed to fish the smaller, finesse baits, but locks up quickly with plenty of back-bone when it' s time to set the hook or steer a big fish away from trouble. This is a good all around rod that doubles nicely for big Pike as well. It has a dynamic tip that helps propel a bait way back into the pocket water and there' s plenty of reserve power to handle that fish of a lifetime! Length: 8' | Line: 25lb-50lb | Lure: 1oz-4oz | Power: Heavy | Action: Fast | Handle: A | MPN: 11882-01

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