Gamehide Elimitick Cover Up Tick Jacket, Realtree Xtra, 3X-Large

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  1. Ticks hate it– They will do somersaults to get away from it. Literally! If you put a tick on your ElimiTick pant or shirt and watch it, the tick will go into freeze mode, or it will do anything to get away. This is the repellent doing its job.
  2. The repellent is fused to the fabric– ElimiTick uses Insect Shield Technology. The active ingredient (repellent) is bonded to the fabric fibers.
  3. Long-lasting– Because the active ingredient is so tightly bonded to the fabric fibers, it lasts the expected life of the product.
  4. Odorless– ElimiTick is odorless. This means you can wear it without concern when hunting scent-savvy big game.
  5. Repels many insects– ElimiTick repels ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes, flies and midges (no-see-ems).
  6. Proven– The technology is the result of years of research and field study.
  7. Stays in clothing– Because the repellent is bonded to the fabric, it stays in the clothing, not on your skin like sprays. This is one reason we like to call it tick armor.
  8. No restrictions for use– There are no restrictions in using ElimiTick. Protect your entire family from ticks and other insects.
  9. Easy care– ElimiTick is super-easy to care for. Treat it like you would any other camo hunting clothing.
  10. Turn the tables– ElimiTick is like tick armor, wear it and you can annoy the ticks for a change!

ElimiTick Long Sleeve Tech Shirt ElimiTick Ultra-Lite Long Sleeve button Up Shirt ElimiTick Tactical Quarter Zip Shirt ElimiTick Cover Up Jacket ElimiTick Long Sleeve Hooded Shirt
Fabric Weight Light Ultra Light Light Medium/Light Light
Style Long Sleeve Tee Shirt Button Up Shirt Quarter Zip Long Sleeve Full Zip Cover Up Jacket Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt
Tick Repellent
Fit Slightly Loose/Draping Normal Oversized Slightly Oversized Slightly Loose/Draping
Multiple Colors

ElimiTick 5 Pocket Pant ElimiTick Ultra-Lite Pant ElimiTick Tactical Pant ElimiTick Cover Up Pant
Fabric Weight Medium Ultra Light Ultra Light Medium/Light
Style 5 Pocket Pant 4 Pocket Pant * pocket Tactical Style Pant Cover up Pull over Pant
Tick Repellent
Fit True Size- ex: XL= 37-39 True Size- ex: XL= 37-39 True Size Waist- Roomy Through Hip/Thigh Slightly Oversized
Multiple Colors
  • Soft and silent Hush Hide fabric
  • Two slash style front pockets
  • Repels ticks, chiggers and other biting insects
  • Full front zip with attached hood
  • Elastic cuffs for added protection

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