Hawke Sport Optics HK6352 Endurance 3-9X40 30/30 IR Scope, Black

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With a design focus on hunting, the Endurance LER (Long Eye Relief) line of scopes delivers form and function as dependable and rugged as the American hunter. Designed in the UK, the Endurance LER family provides the shooter a feature-rich scope. The exciting new cosmetics for the Endurance LER family is just the start. New low-profile turrets make adjustments easy and repeatable. The standard click-step reticle illumination control has been replaced by a stepless rheostat control positioned on the saddle (third turret). It allows for virtually infinite adjustment, ensuring your reticle is visible in almost any light condition. The Endurance LER scopes have an optical system developed to suit High Recoiling and Magnum calibers where extended Long Eye Relief is required. Offering 4.5ins+ (115mm+) the scope can be safely positioned away from the shooters eye. The range has been designed with big game hunting, stalking and long range shooting in mind, and the reticle choices bear that out. Sitting alongside the 30/30 (with centre cross illumination), the.223/.308 Marksman reticle has been designed to match the ballistic profile of most.223 and.308 ammunition. With aim points from 100 to 600 yards, and 50-yard dot markers, out-of-the-box accuracy is within your reach. Additionally, the yardages are etched directly onto the reticle field, meaning there is no need to memorize aim points, they are right there. The Marksman reticle is available in the 3-9x40 - designed to be accurate on the scope's maximum magnification. Built around a 1" mono-tube chassis, the Endurance LER scopes are built to provide years of reliable use.

  • 1" Mono-tube design - handles heavy recoil
  • Glass etched Red Illuminated Reticle
  • 4.5 inch eye relief designed for magnum loads
  • Infinitely adjustable stepless side rheostat
  • Coil erector spring - no shift in zero

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