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The Leupold STD mounting system is a simple, yet secure mounting solution for attaching a riflescope to the receiver of your favorite firearm. STD rings and bases are extremely dependable, and they can be combined in a variety of configurations to suit your shooting needs.

STD Rings are made of CNC machined steel with two Torx head cap screws. The front ring has a machined dovetail that fits directly into the corresponding opening of a STD rail, while the rear ring is machined to lock in securely to the STD rail's windage screws. This system is easy to install, and provides a repeatable mounting solution that can be adapted to nearly any firearm.

This pair of low STD rings place the centerline of the scope 0.9" above the top of the mounting base.

- Ring style: Standard
- Fits 1.0" main tube
- Low rings - 0.9" Mounting Height
- Machined steel with 2 Torx head cap-screws
- Compatible with STD 1-piece and STD 2-piece bases

  • Stronger than aluminum, steel rings are perfect for locking your scope solidly into place
  • The front ring is dovetail style while the rear is windage adjustable
  • Leupold Standard Rings are ideal for use with Leupold Standard 1-piece and 2-piece Bases
  • Secures the scope's centerline 0.9 in above the top of the mounting base

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