Malone Big Foot Pro Universal Car Rack Canoe Carrier with Bow and Stern Lines

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The Malone Big Foot Pro universal car rack canoe carrier is our latest design in affordable canoe transport. It easily installs on virtually any vehicle or trailer cross rail system and will transport one canoe. This is a very affordable way to get your canoe to the water.

The strongest four-point gunwale transport system in the industry, this incarnation of the Malone Big Foot Pro car rack canoe carrier is enhanced with additional padding, helping it protect your canoe and wooden gunwales better than ever before.

The Big Foot Pro carries a single canoe up to 90 pounds.The Big Foot Pro is equipped with a solid polycarbon frame that attaches to round, square, and factory oval cross rails. The frame guarantees boat stability during transport, while the padded deck area provides a smooth, non-jarring ride. The Big Foot Pro--which installs on virtually any vehicle or trailer cross rail system--supports a single canoe up to 90 pounds.

An affordable option for paddlers, the canoe carrier comes with four padded gunwale brackets, four universal-fit Jawz mounting blocks, eight 40mm and 50mm mounting bolts with T-knobs, one set of bow and stern safety tie-downs, and two 12-foot buckle straps.

About Malone Auto Racks
Malone is the fastest-growing rack accessory company in North America, with a track record of more than 10 years of industry leadership and innovation. The company's products are sold in more than 1,500 outdoor online and retail stores throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe. Malone operates from the coast of Maine, helping the company stay true to its mission and values. Everything Malone sells must be "simple to sell, simple to install, and simple to use." The company is built to enhance its customers' enjoyment of rivers, lakes, and oceans while minimizing their carbon footprint through aerodynamic transport design and complete material recycling.

  • Car rack canoe carrier system with extra-strong 4-point gunwale system (rack/rails not included)
  • Polycarbon platform attaches to round, square, and factory oval cross rails
  • Padded deck area offers superior protection for canoe and gunwales
  • Corrosion-free and UV-resistant; universal-fit Jawz mounting hardware
  • Includes bow and stern safety tie-downs and two 12-foot buckle straps

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