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Otis Technology Shotgun Bore Brushes give you enough of Otis renowned bore brushes for shotguns to last you several rounds of rigorous bore scrubbing. The components of Otis Technology cleaning kits often use high grade materials and smart engineering to squeeze every last bit of usability out of the product, and these shotgun bore brushes are no exception. Engineered for durability, the Otis Shotgun 8-32 Thread Bore Brush contains brushes with a Tufcor corrosion-resistant proprietary core wire that maintains improved bristle retention because of its tighter bristle twist. These cleaning tools can be used in conjunction with most professional grade solvents and cleaning agents. Each of these brushes is filled to the end for twice as much fill as comparable brushes, and the stem of the brush is cold-welded to the core for added strength.

  • Otis Technology, Inc.

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