Outers .17 Caliber Wool Mop/Swab (5-40 Threads)

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From duck sloughs to deer blinds, cornfields to the high country, Outers® has taken care of the American hunter no matter where they roam. Outers offers quality gun care products that maximize shooting adventures. This is more than just a stale corporate mission statement-it's our heritage, our commitment and the guiding principle of our company.

  • At Outers we are constantly improving the way we help shooters maintain their firearms.
  • Precise brush diameters to assure complete bore coverage on specific calibers
  • Blended wool minimizes lint buildup
  • Maximizes absorbency to reduce overall cleaning time
  • Specially-engineered looped core and tip to protect muzzle, chamber and rifling
  • Easy to clean

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