Savage Gear 3D 8" Line Thru Trout Swimbait

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Savage gear line thru 3D trout blurs the line between lure and live bait based on a 3D scan of a hatchery trout, this bait is reinforced with nylon mesh to offer a one of a kind silent line thru soft plastic jointed swim bait the top hook line thru design means this bait can be fished around heavy cover and throughout the entire water column in addition a special Slot in the baits harness anchors the hook in the harness not the soft plastic body of the bait the hook will not tear through the soft body material on casts or hook sets

  • Based on 3D scan of real Trout with detailed fin and facial details for clear water applications
  • Line thru design lets the bait slide up the line when the fish is hooked for a higher hook to land ratio
  • Available in three sink rates: floating, slow sink, and sinking
  • Includes 1 piece

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