Savage Gear V4 Alien EEL, Magic Motor Oil Plain, 12"

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Magic Motor Oil Plain
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The special shaped tail of Savage gear's Alien Eel ensures a deadly slow tail-kicking action on the retrieve, driving Big predatory fish Insane the enticing side fins vibrate and draw even more aggressive strikes this lure can be fished very slow or at higher speeds with stops and jerks it's simply the most versatile Big pike and Muskie lure ever created it's designed with a closed circuit harness in stainless steel to maximize strength and durability simply cast out, let it sink to the desired Depth and retrieve - and then hang on

  • Seductive swimming action draws violent strikes
  • Eight and ten inch models weigh2 and 2-1/4-ounces respectively
  • Super Strong jig hook and additional under body stinger hook
  • Includes 2 piece

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