Scientific Anglers Amplitude Trout Fly Line WF6F



Product Details

Features the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive for superior shooting ability and increased durability. Floating Texture on the tip section for the ultimate in flotation and Shooting Texture running line delivers longer casts. Revised compound taper for delicate deliveries. Excels in medium-to-long distances with dry flies and smaller nymphs and streamers. Tactile Reference Point allows you to feel the back of the head where it meets the running line. Features Include: BLUE / BAMBOO / BLUE HERON For Delicate Deliveries to Trout Aids best in presenting Dries and Nymphs For use in moderate and cold climates Welded Loops Dry Tip Technology Designed specifically for chasing trout Marked with SA-ID (Scientific Anglers Line Identification) Braided multifilament core

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