Scientific Anglers Wavelength Trout Taper- Willow / Dk. Willow, WF- 5-F

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Scientific Anglers Wavelength Trout fly line. All-around trout line . If a Sharkskin and a Mastery smooth line had a bunch of fly line offspring, Wavelength lines would be the result. We’ve taken the benefits of Sharkskin texturing, scrubbed the rough edges, and created a softer surface texture for less casting effort, very little memory, and increased durability. Your fingers will rejoice. All-around taper for precision casts Superb dry-fly line with minimal water spray and easy pick-ups Ideal for delicate presentations Mastery Texturing reduces friction, providing longer casts, higher flotation, and increased durability For Cold Water-to-temperate climates Braided multifilament core

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