Ambassador - Chad Yohe

About Chad:

Hi my name is Chad and I grew up in the woods of Pennsylvania. My passion for the outdoors came from my father taking me hunting, fishing, and camping at a young age. Pennsylvania has such a rich history with deer camps and festivities that are associated with whitetail hunting. I was hooked after my first experience in the forest with my dad chasing deer around our hills. While I still can’t wait for that crisp air in the late fall which triggers the excitement of deer camp and opening PA Buck season, my true passion is chasing finicky walleyes across the country from the Spring until Fall.

I started fishing when my grandpa bought a little jon boat that putted us around our reservoir on the hunt for a walleye. Since then I just couldn't get enough of the sun coming up and the sounds of rippling water hitting the boat while trying to stay on a hump or rock pile waiting for that bite. I have been so fortunate to share my passion with my wife and daughters. I have fished tournaments since I was 14 years old and win, lose, or draw the comradery of family and fellow competitors keeps you coming back. I have fished all over the northern states chasing eyes from the great lakes to small rivers and reservoirs in the Dakotas. I think to sum it all up is when you ask your three year old daughter what she is going to dream of before bed and her response is big walleyes daddy, it brings joy to a fisherman's heart!

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