Sportsman’s Outlet VARMINT Championship 2018-2019

Rules and Regulations:

Tournament Directors: Joshua Kahle and Benjamin Wentworth

Contact numbers: 814-362-7700 or 814-331-1685


$100 Dollar Entry per person 75% payout. Will pay the top three places


(Optional $10 dollar heaviest fox and $10 dollar heaviest coyote) 100% payout


Starts 12:00am October 1st             Ends 11:59pm February 28th


5 Points for Fox

15 points for Coyote

20 Points for Fisher and Bobcat (only one of each allowed per hunter/2 man team)


Hunters can sign up individually or in pairs. If signed up as a pair the fee will be 100 dollars a person 200 dollars total for the team. 2 man teams can only enter the heaviest weight competition once for each animal.


All sign-ups must take place in person with one of the tournament directors. You can sign up at Sportsman’s Outlet located at 500 Chestnut St. Bradford, PA 16701. Store Hours Monday – Saturday 9:00 a.m.- 7:00 p.m. and Sunday 12:00 p.m.-5:00p.m. any questions or concerns with sign-ups please contact Josh at 814-331-1685.


Must be 17 or older and have all the required hunting licenses and tags. You will have to provide hunting license number on your signup sheet.


You can hunt in any state in the US. All state and federal hunting regulations must be followed or will result in disqualification.


All entries will be done via photograph. Picture must be taken immediately after the kill and sent to the provided email or phone number. The picture must include the shooter, and the animal held by its hind legs by the shooter. A deck of playing cards will be provided to each contestant. Every Wednesday 2 or 3 playing cards will be assigned to be held in the picture taken. The cards for the week will be featured on our Facebook page or you will be able to call one of the numbers provided. Each hunter is responsible for checking what cards are selected for the week. The shooter must be holding the correct playing cards clearly to provide legitimacy to the date of entry. All pictures must be sent in within 24 hours of the kill. In the event you’re hunting alone you may hang the kill in a tree by his hind legs. However, you will still need the playing cards in the picture and full view of the animal. Then a second picture will be required with as much of the shooter and the animal as possible, selfie style.  


We will allow mentor hunting. If individual/2 man team is signed up in the tournament and would like to take kid 16 or younger he may do so and he can collect the points for the kill if the mentored youth shoots. The mentored youth must be featured in the photo.


Any entries in the heaviest weight categories must be weighed in at Sportsman’s Outlet.


All legal forms of hunting in the state you are hunting in are allowed. Entries may be taken with dogs, with calls or by trapping. Cable Restraints, aerial hunting, and shooting from inside a vehicle are not permitted.


Any violation of hunting laws and rules of this tournament will result in disqualification.


By entering this tournament all contestants are consenting to a polygraph test. Polygraph examination will help the tournament directors (Joshua Kahle and Benjamin Wentworth) to determine eligibility for placement within the tournament standings. Any and all contestants are subject to the test, refusal of polygraph test or to fully cooperate with test will result in disqualification. If caught cheating you will be immediately disqualified and will be banned from all Sportsman's Outlet tournaments forever.


All prize money will be given out after final determination of tournament results.


Team Tournament Rules


There will be a Team of The Year award. The Team of the Year recipient will receive a trophy and bragging rights for the rest of the year. When registering as an individual, you can also list a team name. However, when hunting in a group/team all kills can be turned in under a team, as well as, an individual.



*One hunter owns hounds and takes a group of non-tournament registered hunters along and one of the non-registered hunter’s shoot the coyote. The shooter must be in the picture holding the kill but can register the kill under the houndsmen’s team name but the kill will not count toward the houndsmen’s individual score only his team score

* A group of hunters who are all registered in the tournament. The kill may be registered under the shooters individual score and then registered under their team.


* If you trap with a partner and only one registers for the tournament and the trap/set owner who dispatches the animal is not registered the non-registered hunter must be in

the picture and can register animal under a team but points will only count under Team of the Year award and not toward individual scoring.


* If both trappers are registered, kill may count under individual score for the trap/set owner and for Team of the Year award.


Final decisions are made by the tournament directors (Joshua Kahle and/or Benjamin Wentworth). All decisions made are final and non-disputable.


Sportsman’s Outlet and/or tournament directors are not responsible for any injuries or accidents sustained due to the aforementioned tournament. Furthermore, all hunters are obligated to abide by all Pennsylvania hunting regulations. Please hunt safely and legally.


All winners are subject to federal, state and local regulations and laws. By entering this contest, participants agree to these rules and shall provide all information requested by Sportsman’s Outlet, including but not limited to name, address, telephone number, and social security number, for the purpose of 1099 forms. Any cash payout over $599 will need to be 1099.


By submitting photo or information to Sportsman’s Outlet, you hereby grant Sportsman’s Outlet and its affiliates subsidiaries, licenses and assigns, an irrevocable, perpetual and royalty fee right to use, reproduce, edit, display, transmit, modify, publish and otherwise make use of the submitted photo or other information in any and all media whether now known or hereinafter created throughout the world and for any purpose. In addition to other things, the rights granted to Sportsman’s Outlet includes but is not limited to the right to resize, crop, censor, compress, edit, alter or make use of the submitted photo. By submitting any photo and/or information to Sportsman’s Outlet, you hereby represent and warrant that the submitted photo or information does not and shall not infringe on any copyright, any rights of privacy/publicity of any person. Furthermore, the photo/information you submit is subject to viewing, rating, reviewing and comment by the public and understand that any comments or ratings with which you may be unhappy with may be published by Sportsman’s Outlet. All photos/information submitted to Sportsman’s Outlet shall be the property of Sportsman’s Outlet and Sportsman’s Outlet shall have no obligation to preserve, return or otherwise make available to you or any other photo/information Sportsman’s Outlet submitted.


No prizes shall be transferred. Winners agree that prizes shall be claimed within ninety (90) days from February 28, 2018. Said prize will be forfeited if not claimed by winner within (90) days. Sportsman’s Outlet is not required to award elsewhere any prizes forfeited by the chosen winner.

Sign up sheet (Print)

By signing this document I agree and fully understand all rules and regulations listed above



Name:                                                              2nd team member:                                           

                                 (please print)                                                                                      (please print) 



Hunting License Number:                                                                     




Main Form of Hunting :                                                                             

                                                                   (Calling, Dogs, Trapping )



Team Name:                                                                                                 



Heaviest Coyote ( additional $10 )                                                                            

                                                                            (please sign name, or leave blank if not participating)



Heaviest Fox ( additional $10 )                                                                                   

                                                                                            (please sign name, or leave blank if not participating)


Phone Number:                                                                                                         






Signature:                                                                    Date: